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Our Software Solutions

The ever-evolving business world needs a focused approach and self-perception. Enterprise Systems drive business agility and success. Many a time, organizations fail to align their solution choices with business strategy and goals. Corporate systems bloom around the ability to step back and look at the bigger picture: the market, the product-market fit, potential customers, and the complex interplay of all the above. This is where Inzuscene’s expertise adds value to scale up your enterprise solution requirements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

The sellers who talk to their buyers regularly conquer the market. Successful organizations need to maintain and track their customer communications and relationships. The professional experts make sure the client companies are performing every possible initiative and interacting with the customers and their contacts effortlessly. Our group of experts offers you their expertise and market experiences to keep the customer relations smooth and successful for the company.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

The business world has realized the importance of ERPs to bring process efficiency and visibility by automating and integrating the core business processes of the organization such as accounting, supply chain, service management, production, project management, risk, and inventory management. Inzuscene offers a host of ERP services such as ERP Evaluation and Vendor Selection, Process Mapping, Gap Analysis, Implementation, Project management, Functional and Technical Support and Audit.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

This business strategy has been in practice for more than three decades now. The process of BPR revolves around the functioning of business organization and chalking out the plans and designing the workflows for the enterprises. At Inzuscene, we have a dedicated team of professionals who work on individual companies and their requirements to radically transform their business processes by amalgamating business strategy, customer needs and product innovations.

Other Services

Inzuscene has a goal to support all client companies with utmost care and superior services to increase their market reach in the industry. We help and support with quality software solution and consultation on software development to companies around the world. Our team of experts endeavors to bring exclusive high-quality tech and software solutions pacing with the latest trends in the market. Our range of software services includes software development, integration services, web portal development, database management and mobile application development.

Consulting Services

The first and most in-demand service that we provide to all the potential client companies is consulting services for betterment and progress of the business. Our team works relentlessly to formulate plans and implement them as software development. But the consulting team offers the solution to the clients from time to time, keeping the other factors in mind. Besides software developments, staff development projects also function steadily under this service from time to time.

System Transformation Services

Every company or organization have their particular IT setup, which requires proper reassessment and services to ensure better efficient functioning of the business to earn digital economy. This process also requires expertise of industry leading practitioners, and Inzuscene provides such experts to the client companies from time to time. You can subscribe for the yearly services or can opt for based on cases.

Managed Services

Our team of professionals ensure lesser complications and little downtime with increased rate of benefits of the managerial system with this particular kind of services. This service includes some smart software solution that can help you provide predetermined sets of facilities that are needed to manage the regular functioning of any organization. When companies are working on different platforms it becomes much necessary to handle them professional using managed service software.

Technology Services

Multiple technology-based service requirements are common in any corporate industry. From creating service portals to developing mobile app or upgrading the existing ones are of much importance, we have a niche team of experts who work in these sections separately to ensure best quality. Our teams work both in-house development categories as well as in professional collaborations. We believe in empowering the client companies for best revenue generation.

Implementation Services

Client companies looking to adopt new software solutions can rely on Inzuscene as we offer end-to- end implementation services. This service assures you to plan, strategize, deploy and adopt a new software solution seamlessly for the desired result. Companies looking to make their mark in the industry and earn the reliability among target audience should contact us for such services.

Product Development Services

Speed and production of software products suitable for the next generation functioning is the main strategy these days. We leverage our product DNA in the entire next generation products to ensure better outcome and impact, mostly in the desired way of clients. Our experts understand the market requirement and can assess the coming future and develop new software based on their research work..

Support Services

Inzuscene is available all the time for any kind of support. For any query or services or requirements for consultation, you can call us 24X7 for 365 days of the year. We have a common contact department to handle both the technical and non-technical queries. Every client and potential client we serve can contact us with issues pertaining to different fields of our services for expert professional support.

Upgrade Services

Upgradation is a compulsory procedure in this industry. You need to ensure that your software solutions are latest with their features and offerings. We offer both technical and functional upgrade services to ensure your company is up-to-date in all its terms. Companies need to upgrade their infrastructure and services to meet the intense competition in the market scenario. Our niche team assures you of guaranteed services..

Integration Services

Running a business does not mean keeping it steady to the same place. You also need to take it upwards, and adopt the growth it deserves. We promise to build your business in a level, where you can easily integrate different operations into a new manner. Also, we provide the opportunity to extend and transform your business to fit and hit new areas of the industry. Integration with the expertise of certified professionals can bring you assured success.

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