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Services We Provide

The ever-evolving business world needs a focused approach and self-perception. Inzuscene has a goal to support all client companies with utmost care and superior services to increase their market reach in the industry. We help and support with quality software solution and consultation on software development to companies around the world.


E2E Implementation Services – IFS, SAP, Novacura & EDB
Specialized HR Tech/Talent Management with PeopleStrong
Integration and Modification Management
Support and Maintenance

Cloud Services

Cloud Migrations
Future applications with cloud features from initiation and enable continuous alignment with latest trends
Fully managed search engine for applications
Migration to AWS data and analytics

Cyber Security

Compliance – PCI-DSS, HIPA, EU Data Protection and Audit Capabilities
Data Protection with Identity & Access Management and Amazon Macie

Business Consulting Services

Business Process Re-engineering & Landscape Design
Process Consulting
Aligning business processes with best practices

Managed Services

Upgrades & Data Migration
Support including customer helpdesk
Cloud Hosting & Maintenance System
System Administration
Productivity Improvement
Industry Standards

Other Services

Technology Services
Server Maintenance (Oracle/SQL)
Health Checks & Performance Tuning
Linux & Windows Maintenance

Our Alliance

Our Clients

About Us

Who are we?

A technology service provider par excellence, we have made headway in the consulting fraternity, relying on our partners and adept workforce. While our partners have entrusted their solution challenges in our capable hands, our competent teams have risen to the occasion, delivering the
state-of-the-art solutions to our customers in technology, consulting, and information management. Today we can proudly acclaim ourselves as one of the leading IT consulting companies.

Our value propositions

At Inzuscene, we value our employees, care for their well-being, and motivate them to become horizontal leaders of the organization, while nurturing them to spread their wings in their respective domains. We help them to make their workplace a rewarding platform to showcase their skills and talents. We believe that good work culture can bring success to an organization, and we strive to achieve that in every way.

in Numbers

A quick look at why Inzuscene is the go-to partner for your digital transformation


Man Years of Leadership Experience

We have been a crucial technological partner for various multinational corporations throughout its existence. We have played a crucial role in their successes as a result of our prior performance.


Man Years of Project Management

Our comprehensive portfolio caters to organizations of all sizes, offering tailored services that optimize IT infrastructure, streamline processes, and drive growth.


Customer Retention

We work hard to provide our clients with the best value and expertise possible so they can lead their respective sectors. We prioritize customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Industries We Serve

Service Management

We provide the best physical backend service infrastructure and resources to our clients. We perform all these tasks over the Internet and help clients with cost-cutting besides enhancing their organizational operations.


At Inzuscene, we provide all kinds of assistance to our clients in defining their priorities, understanding risks, implementing management strategies, and controlling procedures that ensure optimal management and smooth run of the organization.


We aim at offering the best manufacturing solutions as per our clients’ varied demands and process manufacturing requirements. Our experts adopt a strategic approach as per the business type.

Supply Chain Management

We offer a comprehensive range of supply chain management services that help organizations to drive more value to their businesses. We use the best in-class supply management software solutions to provide a competitive advantage to our clients.

Meet The Team

Maria hubert

Software Developer

Maria hubert

Software Developer

Maria hubert

Software Developer


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